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David Gallaher
  • You know that poorly researched attack on comics Jill Lepore had in the New Yorker recently? G. Willow Wilson has posted an excellent and thoughtful response.
  • The Calgary Herald has a nice piece up on Nick Sousanis and his recent dissertation-turned-book Unflattening.
  • The Frederick News-Post, similarly, has a nice write-up on David Gallaher.
  • The New York Times talks with Alison Bechdel about no longer being so marginalized, both as a comics creator and as a lesiban.
  • An old high school friend of mine found this older piece on how valueless comics are any more. Someone else responded on his Facebook post that he was forced to sell his collection, which included complete runs of the original Iron Man and Sub-Mariner titles, for $200. It's not news per se (the article is from 2013) but it's striking to me in light of the 4000 comics (2000 I mentioned here, plus another 2000 the following week) I recently found sitting on the curb with the trash.
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