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NOTE: Today's links all point to Facebook posts, so I'm unsure if the individual settings are such that everyone can see all the different links. My apologies if I manage to get your hopes up and dash them with an error message.
  • Richard Evans of the Bedrock City Comic Co. posted a few images of a comic that recently "walked into the store". It was All-Negro Comics #1, the first comic created and published by an all Black team and featuring a Black hero. Although he's got it pegged as a Fine- it's by far the best copy I've ever seen.
  • Shaun Clancy digs up William Moulton Marston's own account of how he created Wonder Woman in Lancelot Hogben's 1949 book, "From Cave Painting to Comic Strip."
  • Finally, Daniel Best provides some background on why Flash Gordon was renamed Speed Gordon in Australian reprints in 1930s newspaper strips.

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