Wait; It's The End of June? Here's Some Last Minute Links!

By | Wednesday, June 27, 2012 1 comment
  • Will Brooker has a piece over at io9 with four ways to reboot the Batman franchise in a post-Christopher-Nolan bat-media space. I honestly can't tell how serious he is with any of these... which I find disturbing in an of itself.
  • The Dayton Art Institute will be hosting a "You Are My Superhero" exhibition from July 22 - September 23. While they make definite acknowledgement of comic books and comic book art, they're also clear that it's not limited to the one medium. As this is decidedly in my neck of the woods, I'll make a concerted effort to attend and report back here after it opens.
  • Wendy Chan writes up an overview of her designing the logo for Alice in the Country of Hearts. While she doesn't go into really deep detail, I do like the acknowledgement/reference to the original Japanese logo.
  • Salon has a piece up about Italian fumetti. A bit light on substance, but there's some gorgeous examples to look. One point of contention: "fumetti" is just the Italian word for comics, just as "manga" is the Japanese word for comics. While English-speakers have used "fumetti" to describe comics made out of photographs, that's something of a bastardization of the term and suggests something much more limited in scope than the actual definition.
  • The Geek Speak Show now has a Geek Speak Video Show. The pilot episode, in which they interview Joe Field of Flying Colors, went up on Monday.
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Matt K said...

I don't think I would necessarily use the word "reboot" for any of those Batman concepts, at least given that it has (in contexts like these) basically come to mean "let's just do the origin story again."

But I think concept 1 sounds excellent, and concept 4 could be a dark-horse winner. Meanwhile, neither 2 nor 3 really strike me as especially interesting, given how inordinately popular are the references which inform them, I don't think I could really identify them as evidence that "obviously this can't be meant in earnest."

I'm gonna go with "yes, as serious as an exercise like this can ever really be" until I hear otherwise.

Lord knows any of these sound at least as good as as a "let's do our own JLA version of Marvel's Avengers movie mega-franchise."