The Kleefeld On Comics Survey!

By | Friday, June 08, 2012 6 comments
By and large, I like just doing my own thing here on my blog and talking about whatever comics ephemera strikes my fancy, but it occurs to me (well, actually, I've known this for a while) that I have no clue what types of posts are well-received and welcome here, and what types of posts are generally ignored or even actively disliked. So, for the I think the first time since I've been running this blog, I'd like to ask what any readers out there think.

What types of posts do you most appreciate?
What types of posts do you least appreciate?
What subjects would you like to see me cover more of?
What subjects would you like to see me cover less of?
What types of posts do you think I excel at?
What types of posts do you think I'm horrible at?

Feel free to leave comments anonymously if you like. I'm just curious what my audience is like, not necessarily who they are. I'm just looking for feedback, positive or negative, so feel free to respond in any way you like. Thanks in advance!

Oh, and as an added bonus, I'd be interested to hear HOW you read my blog. Do you come to the site every day, read it through a feed reader, click on links from my Facebook account...? Just curious.
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Ethan said...

I like the Wednesday posts because I can generally find a interesting link or two. I also like it when your posts venture out to more esoteric territory, I suppose. I don't dislike anything in your blog, but certain longer posts don't hold my attention if the subject isn't of interest to me, I'll usually browse it very quickly. I also like that you don't stubbornly and arrogantly stamp your opinions, and you give a more thoughtful approach to comics criticism, which is helpful to both the industry and its creators.

Matt K said...

Alright, I'm-a be thoroughly honest here, since I figure you won't mind. First, I don't like the mash-ups. They don't bother me, but they don't really add any value as compared with no post for a day. Otherwise, I think posts in the "some small observation about life tied into comics with the slenderest thread" category tend to be duds, but I don't know that they all do.

I also think some of the reviews are neither the best content on the site nor the most punchy reviews I've seen, but I love having them here because they notify me of things I otherwise never hear about. I love items that go into comics history; I think these are some of the best and most engaging posts and at any rate some of my favorites. I enjoyed the first-hand reports from UC last month, and I think most similar accounts generally turn out well so by all means keep posting them as there is opportunity.

Finally, I think I would not mind if you did a bit more stubborn, arrogant stamping of your opinion on controversies now and then. Wednesday links; Friday flame-posts? ;-)

DeBT said...

As a late arrival to the party, I'd like to add in my two cents. I'm a general fan of when you make observations about comics that other people would miss.

I'm impressed by your ability to update every day, which gives me a reason to keep coming back. I would like to be able to maintain that kind of devotion to my blog, but outside interests and side projects restrict me from doing so. I still find it surprising that you don't want to write comics, but would rather write about them instead.

I also seem to be part of the minority in enjoying your Garfield Mash-ups.

The only thing I skim over are your brief links to other sites. Unless you add some deep commentary to them, I'm not going to bother seeking them out. In addition, I would probably enjoy your postings of full-issue comics if there was an easier way to see all the pages at once, instead of having to click them individually.

Anonymous said...

I used to visit your Four Freedoms Plaza web site so I visit every now and then to see if you have anything FF related.

I think it would be nice to see some of the old reviews and some more of the articles from FFPlaza! In fact, I'd love to see FFPlaza come back (even if its just the old stuff), but I know that is unlikely to happen.

I do quickly scan through your other posts and find something of interest!

qetzaq said...

I follow occasionally a link from your Twitter feed. I would read more if I had the time. But so, I see if the tweet sounds interesting and head over to read. I like opinions on comics with a little insight or a way of seeing it, that I woudn't have thought of. Or about the making of comics/webcomics with your insight or discovering connections and showing the development of the comics world over the years.

Keep doing what you're doing. I'm reading.