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Alright, it's time for an update on what I'm doing, and where you can find more of my work!
  • Last weekend, I was interviewed on the Webcomic Beacon podcast. It was originally broadcast live, but they've got it available for download here if you missed it or want to save a copy for posterity. I had a great time chatting with hosts Fes and Mark, and we wound up going a bit over the usual hour for the show.
  • Back in January, Comic Book Bin published a piece of mine on the state of digital comics. I also wrote a state of webcomics, as well, but that's not up quite yet. Theoretically, you'd be able to find that through here if/when it does go live.
  • Coming in March is the debut of a new comics magazine called The Drawn Word. I've got a column on European creators; my first one looks at Enki Bilal and his famous Nikopol Trilogy. (Fantastic stuff if you haven't read it!) It will be available via Graphicly; my publisher there has hinted at other venues as well, but I don't know if those have been finalized yet.
  • Later in March (I think) should be the next issue of The Jack Kirby Collector with my latest "Incidental Iconography" column. (Note to self: write your latest "Incidental Iconography" column.)
  • Kleefeld on Webcomics is still going strong over at MTV Geek. It's still just me writing, but it seems to be kind of popular. (At least, relative to my other work!) Recently, I've looked at Krishna Sadasivam's mentoring program, the fragmentation of webcomics, and Ryan Estrada's finances.
  • I've still got plans for my book on Harry Blackstone comics, but I've been kind of busy lately and it's gotten relegated to the back burner repeatedly. (Definite paying gigs win out over I might break even on this projects.) I'm still working on it, but it's going to be a while before it's complete. Since there's not exactly a vocal clamoring for it, I'm pretty sure this won't be a problem for anyone!
  • Oh, and of course, I still continue to blog here at Kleefeld on Comics every day!
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Matt K said...

"Definite paying gigs win out over I might break even on this projects."

Yeah, I gotta second that.