It's Link Wednesday

By | Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Leave a Comment
  • Robert Beerbohm provides a somewhat lengthy piece on the work-for-hire situation between Marvel and Jack Kirby & Steve Ditko. There's a few tangents in there, as well, but some good nuggets and personal interactions he talks about as well.
  • If you haven't seen/heard Mike Richardson's keynote address at the recent ComicsPRO meeting, it's worth a read. Nice reminder that Richardson is more than Dark Horse's publisher.
  • The Times of India has another report on the increasing popularity of comic books India. I've seen enough reports on this over the past few months to confidently say that there is something big going on there. I'm hoping it's big enough that some of it starts getting exported to the U.S. soon.
  • Here's a short piece on the old Alley Award -- the physical statue itself -- including a photo of one awarded to Julius Schwartz.
  • Lastly, we have this promo video for Patrick Redford's Pentagon, the fourth graphic novel in his Shape series. It teaches five mentalist type magic tricks with art by Jesse Rubenfeld.
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