Thank You, Dan Vado

By | Friday, September 17, 2010 1 comment
Last week saw the birthday of Dan Vado, publisher of Slave Labor Graphics. To celebrate, he was offering 30% anything ordered from their site. I started poking around and soon discovered that they also (regularly) offer free shipping for orders over $50. Plus, they have a healthy selection of "free" (just pay shipping only) items. So I went through the online store, checked off a number of things I was interested in and looking for anyway, and clicked "buy". A pleasantly hefty box arrived last night containing the following...

Going by the cover prices, that's $105 worth of comics and graphic novels. Between the discounts and the freebies, I paid $39 total. Including shipping. The invoice also was initialed by a "DV" suggesting that Vado himself looked over my order. Not to mention that some of the books I bought from them (and got discounts on!) were published by their competitors!

So I just wanted to give a shout-out to Slave Labor and Vado. Yeah, folks have sales all the time and you can likely score good deals from them but I usually like the types of things SLG publishes, and that they can shoot heavy bonuses like this to their customers just makes me happy. My only complaint is that I didn't order more!
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Dan Vado said...

Just saw this post. Thanks for the kind words.

The DV on your invoice is from my son Dustin Vado. who is trained in the Vado/SLG way of packing a box.

Thanks for ordering

Dan Vado