Comics Scholars in Second Life

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Beth Davies-Stofka sent out a message last night to announce Center for EduPunx's programming for the academic year 2010-2011. Of specific interest here is the Comics Scholars in Second Life who will meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 9:00 AM PT, beginning September 29th.

But who are the Comics Scholars in Second Life? Well, according to their website...
Comics Scholars in Second Life, founded in Summer 2008, has a two-fold mission:
  1. To bring comics scholars together for socializing, discussion, and peer review of works in progress;
  2. To develop and implement programs for comics education in virtual worlds such as Second Life and OpenSim.
Membership is open to all. There is as yet no hierarchy here, and we hope to maintain our democratic spirit. Teachers at all levels, from K12 through graduate school are welcome, as are adjuncts, independent scholars, undergraduate and graduate students, social science and policy researchers, software developers, and other interested parties. Our only expectation is that your interest be serious, and that you be willing to listen, contribute, and learn.

Borrowing back from Davies-Stofka's email...
The Center for EduPunx hosts these meetings on behalf of the participants, so the participants determine what happens at the meetings. Examples of past activities include:
  • Sharing research in progress
  • Exhibits of original art
  • Paper presentations (use our giant screen and make your ppt. or other format appear three stories high!)
  • Grad student preparation for defense: Master's degree, dissertation proposal, dissertation defense
  • Dry run for upcoming real-life (RL) conference presentation
  • Classroom activities (faculty bring their students for extra credit projects or for student presentations of papers or reports)
  • Conference planning
  • Role-play or game play
  • Activism
This year, we are particularly interested in participation from graduate students, independent scholars, and faculty with specific projects in mind. We can help you build your dream classroom/conference/research project/out-of-body-experience, so dream, dream big, and come and pitch it.

The Center is happy to support activities that will benefit teaching, research, and learning. We're also just happy to hang out and b.s. Sometimes it's nice to take a break, visit with friends or classmates, and practice your virtual world skills.
As I told Davies-Stofka herself, it sounds like a great set-up and I wish I could attend but the current meeting time directly conflicts that whole work thing that allows me to make my mortgage payment every month! But don't let my absence prevent you from joining in! But if you want to pepper your conversations with, "Well, if that Kleefeld guy were here, I'm sure he'd have something to add..." I wouldn't object to it!
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