Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Jerk!

By | Friday, June 12, 2009 2 comments
A hearty congratulations go out to Paul Horn, as he's getting married today! Horn's the creative force behind the webcomic Cool Jerk and I will be sorely disappointed if I don't see pictures of their wedding cake with a Doc Splatter cake topper!

Congrats, Paul! You have indeed got a special woman there!

For those of you who aren't Paul, why not check out his comic since I know you're all too cheap to get him a wedding present!
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Pj Perez said...

WTF, Paul's getting married and he didn't even tell me? Oh man, next time he comes to town it's ON.

I have to go bug him now. Thanks!

Darlene said...

I adore Paul. I'm glad I married him and his entire run of Fantastic Four is now half mine.