How To Kill Your Geek Cred

By | Wednesday, July 30, 2008 2 comments
Not that they're overly worried about their Geek Cred, I'm sure, but Playboy posted a Sexy Girls of Comic-Con photo gallery recently. Of special note is the caption in this screen shot...
You know, I certainly don't expect everyone to know who every cosplayer at Comic-Con is dressed up as, but considering that both Jean Grey and Psylocke are relatively common and considerably more mainstream than, say, Ms. Monster or Danger Girl, it wouldn't take much research to find out who this character is, even if you had no clue. I don't know; it just seems to me that if you're trying to blend in and be part of a crowd (of any sort) you should at least make it less than obvious that you're really just a poser.

But maybe it doesn't matter in this case? Despite the popularity of the refrain, I doubt many guys are on the Playboy web site for the articles.
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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure they even have much geek cred, let alone worry about it. :) It's hard to imagine anything much less geeky than Playboy. I remember seeing a copy a few years ago and, as far as I could discern, the magazine hadn't changed at all in 15 years, probably more.

Old enough to be completely uncool, yet not quite old enough to offer any geeky "retro" quality.

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