Sequential Heart

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Back in December, I hinted at a "Super-Secret Project X" I was involved in. Well, Sequential Tart has the honor of announcing the debut of Sequential Heart (no relation). The basic upshot of the idea is to get comics in the hands of less fortunate kids because... well, because comics are cool. It's the brainchild of Dark Horse assistant editor Rachel Edidin and she was able to get creator Dean Trippe on board pretty quickly. You can read all the details at the article I just linked to.

It's a fledgling organization, obviously, and one that I don't think is pretentious enough to think we're saving the world through comics or anything like that. It's just about getting comics in the hands of kids who might not otherwise get a chance to read them, plain and simple. It's a great idea, I think, and certainly one with a much broader scope than my handing one or two comics at a time to trick-or-treaters every Halloween.

If you're interested in helping out, please email us at (The web site is still in progress, but will obviously sport greater details once it's up and running.) As Rachel is quoted in that article as saying, "we won't turn down offers of help from anyone - if we don't have something for you to do immediately, there's no doubt that we will soon!" I'm psyched!
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