It's Contest Time

By | Tuesday, February 05, 2008 Leave a Comment
No, I'm not giving up any of my loot, but Tozo creator David O'Connell is! He's been working hard on his online Tozo strip for a full year now and he's celebrating his first anniversary with a contest to win some original Tozo art.

I love comic book contests because A) they tend to have really cool prizes, and B) not too many people actually enter them. To be honest, I usually don't mention them here because I'm a selfish bastard and it gives me a greater chance of winning the fewer people I tell! But in this case, the odds of my winning aren't as dramatically hindered since David's not leaving the entries entirely up to random chance. I tend to think I'm inordinately clever, so my entry, I think, is pretty close to the mark. We'll see when David announces the winner on March 2.

But, hey, even if you -- or I, for that matter -- don't win the contest, we still get the added anniversary bonus of getting new Tozo strips twice a week now for the rest of the month!

Happy anniversary, David! I'm eager to see what's in store for Year Two!
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