Moffat For President

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No, the main writer for Who, Steven Moffat. Also, the writer/creator of Coupling (the original British version, not that half-assed piece of garbage they did here in the States), and a writer on The Office (again, the original British version, not that half-assed piece of garbage they're doing here in the States), Murder Most Horrid and a bunch of other really clever TV shows that no one over here has heard of because the U.S. is too ego-centric to bother really looking outside its borders for cultural entertainments.

"Why you would you want him for President, Sean?"

Well, I don't really. He's not eligible anyway. But it's an election year, and "Moffat For Writer" isn't terribly catchy.

But here's my thought: Joe Quesada and the folks at marvel have been keeping their eyes and ears out for writing talent that normally work in entertainment industries OTHER than comics, right? Well, how about scooping up Steven Moffat? His work on Dr. Who has won multiple awards and shows that he's quite adept at working within a long-running adventure franchise without A) screwing up continuity left, right and sideways and B) pandering to an emotionally immature, short-sighted fan base. Seriously, Dr. Who bears a number of similarities to quite a few marvel titles -- I think Moffat, if he would be able to work without having crossover event plotlines shoved down his throat, would do a fantastic job. I know I would start buying marvel comics again!

He writes for TV for a living, so he's already got something of a visual sense for storytelling. Plus, I've heard he's already a fan of some of their characters! How could things go wrong?

So, how about it, Joe? It's just a phone call, right? Worst he can say is, "No."
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The Office - that would be the one shot starring Robert Lindsay, for ITV. Not The Office, which came a few years late, for BBC2. The former was by Steven Moffat. The latter was only by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant - they didn't have other writers.

Now, go get your Press Gang and Joking Apart DVDs and join the campaign.

Also: he may be a bit busy writing the Tintin movies for Spielberg.

To be fair, Joe has nabbed Paul Cornell...

To add to what Rich has said, "Joking Apart" is bloody brilliant!

But, with Paul Cornell doing some deads for Marvel - and Moffat being a comic and sci-fi guy (and an award winner to boot!), I truly believe that he has the stones to pull off a truly slick piece of work!