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By | Friday, November 09, 2007 1 comment
Stereotypically, comic book fans tend to be a bit socially awkward, right? That's where the 40-year-old, virgin, living-in-their-parents'-basement image comes from. The comic book fan who simply can't interact with society on the whole well enough to engage in a "normal" conversation.

This is part of the reason why we have -- the comic book equivalent of MySpace, but directed specifically towards the comic book crowd.

So, here's my thought: what about a web site like an eHarmony or, but directed towards comic fans? Online dating for folks who've already got the comic book habit in common. Maybe the opening questionnaire has you list out what titles/creators you like, how big your collection is, whether you're more of a pamphlet kind of person or in the wait-for-the-trade camp... You could list out side hobbies like cosplay, gaming, slash-fiction... Maybe Amazon-style recommendations like, "If you liked Planetary, you might also like John Smith of Springfield, OH."

Hey, Josh, when the merger stuff settles down, how about looking into doing something along those line?

(Honestly, I really have no idea if I'm being snarky or not with this post.)
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Anonymous said...

There are online dating specialty sites for everything else by now. So why not? The biggest problem I can see is finding a way to work with a rather imbalanced dating pool. Assuming that can be overcome, you could be well on your way!