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I walked into my Local Comic Shop during my lunch break today and left all of Life's problems at the door, as I do most Wednesdays. The folks working at the shop were, not surprisingly, busy putting new issues on the racks and sorting through customers' pull lists.

The question at hand when I walked in was posed by one of the helpers to the LCS owner. "What should this issue get filed as?" The issue in question was Tranquility Armageddon #1, whose cover makes the title appear to be "Welcome To Tranquility Armageddon." So, should it get filed under T for "Tranquility" or W for "Welcome"?

This led to a discussion about the occasional absurd ways Diamond lists titles. Although the notion Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer being listed under "Frank" was tolerable, the owner claimed listings under "Death" or "Frazetta" would've been more appropriate. The owner's wife chimed in that when they first opened the shop, she had an extremely difficult time with The Punisher as it sometimes listed as PUNISHER, THE and sometimes as THE PUNISHER forcing her to hunt for it through their paperwork each and every month, as it was rarely listed the same way as the previous month.

It was at this point that I suggested they place this week's Midnighter #13 on the shelf under "W" for Wildstorm and Star Wars Legacy #7 under "D" for Dark Horse.

More strangely, the first issue of the latest Battlestar Galactica series took them forever to find apparently, since it was listed under "N" for "NEW." Despite the word "New" not actually appearing anywhere on the cover! That rant lasted a little while.

So I picked up my various books and noticed that a copy of The Arrival had just come in, but hadn't actually been set out yet. I went to grab it and the owner's wife went to double-check that it was the one I had ordered and not somebody else's. At this point, it should come as no surprise that it took her to a while to find it. But there it was, listed with the other Ts as THE ARRIVAL.
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