Odd Fanboy Moment

By | Tuesday, November 06, 2007 4 comments
Follow my train of thought on this one, if you will...
  1. "Hey, here are some pictures online from people's Halloween parties this year."
  2. "I see there're several of them that seem to be superhero themed."
  3. "I've never been big on costume parties and such, but that might be kind of fun to go to a superhero themed party once."
  4. "If I did, it'd probably have to be as Green Arrow. I think I could actually pull off a reasonable GA costume."
  5. "Wouldn't that be really neat if I had a girlfriend who could go as Black Canary?"

Man, I must be having a rough week already. Not only am I thinking of "couples costuming", but I go right to the fishnet motif on top of it? I'm not even that much of a fishnet-appreciating type of guy!

Don't get me wrong! I do enjoy the old-school Black Canary costume, and especially when a woman can fill it out even reasonably well. And I don't know that I'd embarrass myself if Green Arrow get-up either. But that is so NOT who I am, and I'm not really sure how my brain went down that path so quickly today.
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Anonymous said...

Heh, you'd make a pretty darn respectable Green Arrow, I think!

Thanks for the vote of confidence -- we'll see if I can get something for next year. Though I don't know if I could pull off ''passionate and embittered ex-hippie." :)

Anonymous said...

It'll be fun!

Also: sensible!

That's my girl Rachelle in that picture, isn't it? I deeply regret not seeing the Stolen Minks when they came to Vancouver this year -- I was totally going to go up to her and say "I read your blog, man!" Also I hear they're pretty good.

But Lord -- is there no superhero she won't dress up as?


Yup, that's Rachelle, all right. Much better costume than Barda, I think. Rockin' chicks who like comics -- does it get much better? :)