Yarr! Pirates an' Ninjas!

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This week saw the release of Pirates vs. Ninjas #2 from Antarctic Press. I took a look at the first issue a while back, and I'm liking the book so much, I think I'm going to have to post reviews of each issue to see if I can't goad more people into buying it.

Like the first issue, the actual story is housed on really just a couple of pages with the rest of the pages being a plain ol' good time. Most of this issue focuses on the pirates' attempt to infiltrate the ninjas' lair. Well, "infilitrate" probably isn't the right word -- these guys aren't exactly subtle. Unlike before, though, this issue spends most of its focus on the pirates themselves. (Not to worry, ninja fans, issue three looks to be focused on the more stealthy of the two groups.)

The pirates we have here are just plain fun. They examine some of the poisoned darts that Squickie soon finds lodged in his rear, only to find they're tipped with snake venom and blowfish toxin. Their response? "Har har! That's th' cap'n's ale chaser recipe!" When the pirate captain is captured by an ogre (evidently unaffiliated with the ninja clan) the captain issues some commands as he's being carried off: "Somebody jes' shoot me! Shoot me now! Better 'n' dynin' o' embarrassment!" And then there's this conversation about how to save their captain...

"Well, we could still fall back to 'Plan D.' My fave!"

"Somehow, I don't think gettin' blind, stinkin' 'D'runk is gonna save the Cap'n this time, Sneed."

"Why not? Worked b'fore!"

"Aye, that be true."

And oh, yeah, did I mention that we've got pygmies now, too? A natural counter to the ogre I noted earlier, right? And there's swashbuckling! Plenty of swashbuckling! And drinking! General carousing and mayhem! Not to mention a couple of good fart jokes thrown in for good measure!

This is one of the most fun and all-around enjoyable books I've read in some time. If you liked Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, then you'll almost certainly enjoy this as well. Probably even moreso since there's ninjas as well!
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