Superheroes & Trauma Update

By | Saturday, February 03, 2007 Leave a Comment
It looks like that the future Superheroes & Trauma book I had been developing an essay for is in some serious doubt. Evidently, there have been some issues with some of the writers, something about not making their revisions in line with what the editors requested. I don't know the details about that but one of the editors last week began to suggest that their not making the appropriate revisions was calling some doubts into the project. Then one of the two editors removed himself from the project, citing increased workload from other projects.

This, and my previous attempt at being included in a published book, begins to suggest to me that getting published in even an academic environment is very difficult. It further leads me to wonder about the diffiuclty in getting published in general, and even further leads me to wonder how many hundreds of thousands of people out there are working on stories or essays or what-have-you that will never see the light of day.
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