Tales from the Crypt Question

By | Monday, July 17, 2006 Leave a Comment
Okay, as you may have noticed given the lack of responses on my blog here, I have this unnatural ability to subconsciously discourage feedback. It it were just here on the blog, I'd dismiss it as no one actually reading this thing, but I've been watching the effects on several fronts over the last half decade or so. Threads on message boards come to a screeching halt once I chime in, and the only time I get professional feedback on my work is when I expressly ask my boss for some. And even then, it tends to be vague and generally non-commital.

So I'd like to ask a very specific question here to see if I can A) generate some activity here and B) get some information prior to spending some of my own money.

The question at hand is: Has anyone seen the documentary Tales from the Crypt: From Comic Books to Television and what did you think of it? If you have NOT seen it, what do you think of EC comics on the whole? I've got a collected edition of Tales from the Crypt and Gemstone's reprints of Piracy but that's it. So, any readers out there old-time EC fans? Or historians who've read a lot of older EC books? Any thoughts on Gaines in general?
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