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No, I'm not using onomatopoeia. "Krrish" is the name of an Indian superhero that's being featured in a Bollywood movie of the same name. It opened a couple of weeks ago in select American cities... nothing remotely close to me, though, naturally. From what I've read thus far (thanks, JF!), it actually sounds as good as -- if not better than -- Superman Returns. Though being a film that's outside the mainstream American outlets, Superman will obviously fare much better in domestic box office receipts.

I will certainly be keeping my eyes out for it to see if/when it shows up in video stores or on cable. I'm certainly interested to see how another culture handles a superhero mythology on a mass media scale. One problem I have is that, being landlocked in the middle of the United States, it's often difficult to rise above the din of American filth to see what's going on elsewhere in the world. I have some affinity for Canadian and British cultures, but I think that has more to do with the relative ease with which their media is obtainable than anything else. I often find it fascinating to see how things are done/handled outside the popular American mindset.
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