Superman Fandom

By | Sunday, July 02, 2006 Leave a Comment
Yesterday's Cincinnati Enquirer had an article on a local Superman fan: Brad Thumudo. Well, it's not so much an article as it is a local personality profile. In any event, it struck me that it treats both Thumudo and Superman fans in general with a fair amount of respect. It wasn't what I've seen so many times before: the geez-can-you-believe-how-weird-this-guy-is piece.

Now, we as comic fans still have a long way to go to earn real respect from the outside world, but I think this is pleasantly indicative of how things have already turned around. Heh. Before you know it, it'll be the idiots who paint their bodies for football games that'll be getting derided.

But that may be overly optimistic. ;)
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