The Atheist

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The latest issue of The Atheist came out this week. It's published by Desperado and sold via Image. The basic premise is that wide numbers of people have begun channelling spirits, which are forcing them to do various things like driving nails into their foreheads. The number of incidents in Winnipeg is markedly high, and the local police call in the assistance of a sort-of off-kilter investigator with nigh-supernatural cognitive abilities, and who's driven almost exclusively by logic.

It's certainly an interesting premise, and the story and art have kept me intrigued enough to wait the eight months or so between the second and third issues, but there's something about it that's nagging at me for some reason.

I like the art. John McCrea does a good job of storytelling and has a illustrative style that's based largely on shapes, and not on lines like most comics. Phil Hester's writing is better than I would've anticipated -- many artists seem to have stilted or awkward sounding dialogue. The premise is, like I said, an interesting one. So what am I not putting my finger on here?

I don't honestly expect to find the answer myself as I'm sitting here typing. And given that the second issue only sold a little over 3,000 copies, I'm not entirely expecting to encounter anyone else who's even read it. (Although, curiously, one of the employees at my local shop thought that SHE would never see anyone else who had bought it.) This is kind of a wondering-out-loud post, I suppose, but if anyone else who's reading this has also read The Atheist, I'd appreciate your thoughts on it.
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