Juneteenth Comics?

By | Wednesday, June 19, 2024 Leave a Comment
So my plan was for today -- which is kind of my fallback for any blogging day that falls on a holiday -- was to just do a round-up of today's comics that have a Juneteenth theme. But I also figured it's Juneteenth, so it's going to get shafted a bit and I'll only find one, maybe two, comics and then I'd make some kind of commentary about what that represents.

The problem, however, is that I can't find any Juneteenth comics from today. Even the strips by Black cartoonists don't make any mention of it. Candorville? No. Jump Start? No. K Chronicles? Technically it didn't update today in the first place, but neither yesterday's or last week's strips mention the holiday. Editorial cartoons? Eveything I'm seeing is either on climate change or the US Presidential campaign. Admittedly, I'm checking things manually so I could well have missed something, but the only thing I've found is today's installment of Last Kiss and I don't know that this particular panel qualifies as a comic to begin with...
I suppose this Garth German Juneteenth comic from a few years ago is perhaps more apt than anything else right now...

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