Marvel's 25th Anniversary

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Thought I'd do a quick covers post today. As part of Marvel's 25th anniversary celebration in 1986, nearly all of their November cover-dated issues were given a company-wide trade dress featuring many of their well-known properties. It was fairly easy to "get it" back in the day if a reader was just looking at a spinner rack of Marvel comics or whatever, but newer readers might well be unfamiliar with the "event." So, here, several decades later, we present you with Marvel's November 1986 cover gallery...

I might take a moment to point out that setting a 25th anniversary to November 1986 isn't wholly accurate. Marvel was actually publishing comics through the 1940s and 1950s under various names, including Timely and Atlas. Further, November was indeed the cover date of Fantastic Four #1, but the issue itself was actually published earlier in that summer.
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