Scripts Week, Fantastic Four #35 and #50

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I recently came across a handful of scripts that I received several years back, and had originally posted on my old FFPlaza site. With that site no longer around, I'm re-sharing them here.

Fantastic Four #35 (cover dated November 2000) was the first issue of that title written by Rafael Marín and Carlos Pacheco. They had originally written up a story from which Pacheco would draw the issue. However, for whatever reason, this story was scrapped and an entirely new one was concocted. That new one is what made it into the issue. (I seem to vaguely recall editor Bobbie Chase thinking the first attempt didn't serve as a proper introduction for any new readers that might be jumping onto the book with the new creative team. But my memory is decidedly hazy on that, and I could be totally misremembering things.)

However, a year and a bit later, they pulled the script out again, revised the story so that it reflected whatever continuity they'd developed in that time and used it for the lead story in Fantastic Four #50 (cover dated February 2002). As the story was also part of Marvel's "Nuff Said" month, part of the rewrite consisted of removing all of the dialogue to make it a completely silent story.

The script for #50 was at one time posted on Marvel's website, but the original script for #35 -- the one from which #50 was based -- was provided to me by Marín himself. At the time, he noted, "You'll see there are some changes with this plot and the final version, as number 50 is tied to the continuity we had made in fifteen issues or so. You'll see too this plot has the dialogues and captions, as we originally intended to write the book by ourselves." Both of these were to be what Pacheco would draw the story from, and the script for #50 is indeed what he ultimately used.

So download them both and compare them against each other as well as the finished book!

Fantastic Four volume 3 #35 by Rafael Marín and Carlos Pacheco
Fantastic Four volume 3 #50 by Rafael Marín and Carlos Pacheco
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