Yelling Into the Void

By | Wednesday, January 17, 2024 Leave a Comment
Yesterday, Dorothy Gambrell posted a new comic in response to finding out that her work had been used without her knowledge or permission to train AI software. I quite like Gambrell's Cat & Girl comics in general; it's probably the webcomic that most closely aligns with my own outlook. Yesterday's comic in particular struck a chord. I don't know if any of my work has been used for training any LLMs, but Gambrell's message of the futility of... well, existing in the 21st century for the purpose of anything beyond being exploited is something I wrestle with constantly.

I wanted to use Gambrell's comic today as a springboard for this post, where I could elaborate on the emotions she's expressing in my own way. But I've been wrestling with writing this for not quite 24 hours now, and can't really come up with anything to add.

Go read Gambrell's comic. It's brilliant. No notes.
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