Reprint Requests 2024

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From time to time on this blog, I stop for a moment and list out a number of comics and newspaper strips that I would like to see reprinted/collected. I know I'm an audience of one, and my tastes often do not line up with the masses but I look at it as an exercise in trying to determine what is worthy of being republished and reflecting why that hasn't happened yet. Admittedly, it also reflects a decidedly personal bias in that they're generally all things I'm looking for myself for my own edification. But still, these are all comics that someone thought was worthwhile to publish in the first place, so there must be some fans out there. Plus, there are EIGHT hardcover collections of Hagar the Horrible that reprint every strip up through 1984, plus another due later this year -- you're going to tell me those are more worthy of publication than what I'm listing below?!?

In any event, here's some titles I would love to see reprinted/collected. I know some of these had some reprintings back in the 1970s, but I don't believe any of them were complete. And I also know there are some rights issues which will keep at least one of these titles from EVER being reprinted! But that said, here's what I want to see, in no particular order...
Intellectual Amos
  • Quincy (This newspaper strip did get some paperback collections in the '70s, but this needs a big, retrospective reprinting.)
  • Speed Jaxon (We just got Jay Jackson's Bungleton Green in late 2022 and he was inducted in the Comics Hall of Fame in 2023, so maybe there's a chance here?)
  • Gordo
  • "Intellectual Amos" (As far as I can tell, one four-page strip from 1945 is the ONLY "Amos" story that's ever been reprinted!)
  • Ron Cobb's editorial cartoons (I know many of these were collected back in the '70s, but they remain timeless and warrant a nice, hardbound collected edition.)
  • Willie Lumpkin (Stan Lee's & Dan DeCarlo's newspaper strip)
  • Air Pirates Funnies (Steamboat Willie just made it into public domain! This is a teeny, tiny bit closer to being possible!)
  • The Rose & Thorn backup stories from the early 1970s Lois Lane comics
  • John Tenniel's editorial cartoons
  • John Severin's work for Cracked magazine
So, whoever owns the rights to these? Get on that!
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