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Taking a cue from Ken Eppstein, I asked ChatGPT to write a bio for me. Here's what it wrote [with some additional commentary from me].

Sean Kleefeld is a creative force and visionary in the world of comics and graphic arts. [Debatable to say the least but, to be fair, bios do tend to be pretty laudatory.] Born and raised in a small town, Sean's passion for storytelling and art emerged at a young age. He was captivated by the vibrant pages of comic books, which fueled his desire to create his own narratives.

As a child, Sean spent countless hours sketching characters and crafting imaginative tales in his sketchbooks. His dedication to honing his artistic skills led him to pursue formal education in the arts, earning a degree in Graphic Design from a renowned art school. [Technically true, I suppose, but it implies that my formal education had more of an illustrative bent. I went into graphic design, in part, because I was not that great of an illustrator.]

After completing his education [I hope to never consider my education as "complete"], Sean dove headfirst into the world of comics, embracing every opportunity to showcase his talents. [Nope. After college, it would be several years before any comics-related work I did was seen by anyone besides me.] He contributed to various indie comic projects, illustrating and writing stories that resonated with readers, showcasing his unique style and narrative voice. [I've only contributed to indie comics projects financially via crowd-funding; I've never written or drawn any stories for them.]

Over the years, Sean Kleefeld's work caught the attention of established comic publishers and editors. [I did hear once that my name was known around the Marvel offices back in the early 2000s, but I don't know how true that is.] His break came when he was offered the chance to collaborate on a high-profile graphic novel, which received critical acclaim and expanded his audience significantly. [I've never worked on any graphic novel in any capacity.]

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Sean is also known for his passion for comics history and culture. [I'd like to think so at least.] He delves into the depths of the medium's past, uncovering forgotten gems and sharing his findings through thought-provoking articles and essays. [Some of the phrasing here sounds like it was directly lifted from something I wrote.] His expertise in comics history and analysis has earned him a reputation as a respected scholar and commentator within the comic community. [I honestly don't have a good sense of what my reputation in the industry is. Am I a "respected scholar and commentator"? I don't ask that in some kind of self-deprecating manner; knowing how other people perceive me is seriously one of my big blind spots.]

As an advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the comic industry, Sean actively mentors aspiring artists and writers, encouraging them to explore their unique voices and perspectives. [Definitely not "mentors." "Encourages"? Maybe. "Praises"? Sure. "Mentors"? No.] He believes in the power of comics to inspire and influence positive change, and he consistently supports projects that champion underrepresented voices. [I do try to do this.]

When Sean isn't immersed in the world of comics, he enjoys spending time in nature, finding inspiration in its beauty and serenity. [To be fair, ChatGPT did qualify things up front by saying their information only carried up through mid-2021. And up until a few years ago, before my accident, I did a lot of outdoor running. I did find it very serene and got a lot of inspiration from it, but it was as much the "running" as it was the "outdoor" aspect of things that I appreciated. Kind of a nuanced distinction that would be hard to nail down in a single sentence, so ChatGPT isn't quite on the mark here, but it's not exactly wrong either.] An avid traveler, he seeks new experiences and cultures that enrich his creative spirit. [My wife and I just had this discussion a week ago; we don't really consider ourselves avid travelers despite being called that by others. Most of our 'exotic' travel was just going to family weddings and such, and we just tacked on an extra day or two to make a vacation out of it. But I do find that what travel I do do is enriching because I'm able to experience new-to-me cultures.]

Today, Sean Kleefeld continues to be a driving force in the comic industry, influencing and inspiring countless artists and readers alike. [Decidedly hyperbolic, but I suppose that comes with the bio format.] With a boundless imagination and an unwavering commitment to storytelling, he remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the medium, creating captivating narratives that leave a lasting impact on those who encounter his work. [On top of the Stan Lee levels of hyperbole, the strong implication here is that I actually create comics myself. I very much do not.]

No mention of my Webcomics book, which came out in 2020 and was nominated for an Eisner in 2021 -- both of which are from before ChatGPT's information cut-off. Even if you don't want to elaborate on specifics, "award nominated" seems like an almost mandatory phrase for a piece like this.

There's also no mention of my actual career. I obviously talk a lot more about comics online than what I do for a living, but none of what I do in the comics industry brings in enough money to buy more than maybe one Starbucks drink every three or four weeks. There's a large portion of my jobs-that-pay-the-bills detailed on LinkedIn so argueably, there should be SOME mention of them. Most of my profile material on most websites focuses on comics, certainly, but I do try to regularly mention that it's not an industry I earn much from, even tangentially.

Frankly, after my attempt to get ChatGPT to write a bio of Paul Sampliner earlier this year, I'm surprised it turned on this good. This is still leaps and bounds more accurate than what it wrote for Sampliner, even if parts of it are decidely wrong, despite everything still being kept vague. This isn't anything I would actually use anywhere (aside from blog post fodder like this) but it's probably more right than not, and might be something I would expect from someone writing a bio for me that might appear in a comic convention program or something.
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