Ten Random Kleefeld Facts

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From time to time, as cop-out to doing an actual blog post, I drop ten random comics-related facts about myself. >My last one was in 2021, so I thought I'd throw some together for today...
  1. In the very late 1990s and early 2000s, in an effort to get my name recognized by editors and creators, I wrote in to a lot of comics' letters pages. I ended getting quite a few published as a result, and there was even a few months where I averaged getting one printed every other week!
  2. In high school, I had a "My other car is the Batmobile" sign handing in the back window of the Renault Alliance I was driving at the time. (Don't laugh -- everything was Batman-related in 1989!)
  3. In college, I had a professor that repeatedly compared me to Doonesbury's Zonker Harris.
  4. I was struck by lightning while driving to work back in 2009. For the subsequent week or so, I would sporadically shout "Shazam!" to see if I had gotten superpowers. (I did not.)
  5. I am absolute rubbish when it comes to pronouncing proper names. For years, I thought Annihilus was "Annie-hill-us" and "Latveria" was "Later-very-ah." My cousin once dropped "Malebogia" into a conversation we were having and I had to ask him to repeat it because I had to process that it might not actually be "Male-bogey-ah."
  6. When my wife and I bought our house, she was very gracious to allow me to take over one room completely for comics. But, she said, I had to keep the comics stuff confined to that one room. Since then, there's been enough overflow that we've actually discussed my taking over a second room in our house for comics.
  7. My previous dog, Quincy, was named after Jason's pet iguana from FoxTrot.
  8. I once bought a VHS copy of Carnosaur just to see the original Fantastic Four film trailer. I believe I already had a bootleg copy of the actual FF film by that point, too, but I wanted to see clips that weren't tenth-generation copies.
  9. I started my current job back in 2020. I was in the office less than two full weeks before they shut everything down for COVID, but I had already managed to get my cubicle decorated with a DC comics calendar and several superhero decals. The company's been almost entirely remote since then and I only returned to the office to collect those items in December. (They just announced last week that they will now be formally closing the floor I had been on.)
  10. While I am one of the judges for this year's Eisner Awards, it's not my first time acting as judge for comics! I've previously judged or juried comics for the CAKE and SPACE conventions.
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