Joe Worker and The Story of Labor

By | Tuesday, May 17, 2022 1 comment
Today, I thought I might share this gem called Joe Worker and The Story of Labor. I haven't been able to track down much about it other than it was commissioned by the National Labor Service. The comic is credited to Nat Schachner (a sci-fi short story author, who was evidently a favorite of Isaac Asimov) and Jack Alderman (who had previously worked at the Chesler Studio and the Eisner/Iger shop among others).

The NLS was founded in 1945 "to assist the organized labor movement in an educational campaign against racial and religious intolerance..." The comic was originally serialized in union newspapers, allegedly reaching 12 million readers by mid-1945. Besides the comic, the NLS also produced posters, pamphlets, and short films. The strip was later re-packaged as a pamphlet comic, colored and sent out at the request of individual unions. "Several hundred thousand" had already been requested by August 1946. I've reproduced the comic book version below...
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Anonymous said...

Jack Alderman! I purchased one of his file copies (Captain Aero #15) at an estate sale his family held back in the mid-80's. I think it set me back four bucks. Never forgot the name but was only able to confirm my recall in recent years with the help of the internet. Worked plenty during the war years.