A Quick & Easy Guide to Asexuality Review

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With a title like A Quick & Easy Guide to Asexuality, I probably shouldn't have to explain much about what this book is. But if you can't figure it out, the book is a guide to what asexuality is (and isn't) that is a pretty quick read and relatively easy to understand. I suppose they could've titled it the same and made it not that, either intentionally or not, but it very much is what it puports to be.

Creators Molly Muldoon and Will Hernandez walk readers through pretty much all the basics about asexuality. They present themselves in the book and talk directly to the reader in a casual manner, and bring in a variety of analogies and personal experiences to help explain some of the concepts. It's very much intended as a primer on the subject -- they're very upfront about not getting into a lot of detail and focusing on a broad overview -- and I think could be picked up by anyone without the slightest inkling of what asexuality is. But they never talk down to the reader or come across as condescending. (I don't think, at any rate. While I'm familiar with the topic, I'm certainly no expert, so maybe someone who is might feel differently.) The analogies are easy to grasp and I suspect more than a few people will start using them when others ask them questions.

Muldoon is creditted as the writer, and Hernandez the co-writer. I'm not sure how exactly the writing duties got split, but the dialogue is clear throughout. As I said, plenty of solid analogies and personal stories are used to make the subject relatable to someone for whom it's a totally foreign concept. (And given some of the questions they address, I have to believe they have indeed been asked precisely those 'are you even from this planet' sounding questions!) I'm always struck by people who struggle with the idea, but I guess it's just so anethma to everything they've experienced in their what-must-be-insanely-sheltered lives that they will ask seemingly absurd questions.

Hernandez's artwork is smooth and consistent throughout. In fact, he does quite well given that the book is basically two talking heads for all 70-ish pages. There's not a lot of elaborate backgrounds and the characters themselves are drawn relatively simply, but he maintains a consistent look for the two of them throughout and continues keeping them (and by extension the reader) engaged in what they're saying.

If I had to lodge a complaint of any kind, it would be that there are a few instances of the speech balloons crossing tails. And if you're not comics-pedantic enough to know what that means, then you probably won't even notice.

Honestly, I don't have a lot to say about this book. It is exactly as advertised. You've got questions? They've got answers. Boom. Done. It came out, I think, about a month and a half ago and is distributed by Simon & Schuster (though published by Limerence Press) so if it's not already at your favorite bookstore of choice, they should be able to order it for you for $7.99 US. Seems like a no-brainer if you asked me!
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