A Special New Year's Message

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I heard a local NPR reporter the other day sign off by wishing all the listeners an okay new year. She added that she thought wishing for a happy new year was setting the bar too high. And how else can you respond to that but "yeah"?

There are any number of ways 2021 sucked. Sucked in ways that make any potential continuations of this comic downright terrifying...
The Future Is So Bright comic 2020 update part 2
The Future Is So Bright comic 2020 update part 2

More and more people I know are struggling. Some because of the pandemic, but most because of they're coming up against problems that are exasperated by so many resources going to the pandemic. Health treatments are delayed for months or even indefinitely because doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc. are all at capacity. Necessary home and/or appliance repairs being delayed because of supply chain issues. Loss of income because they were laid off after their employer closed up due to a year+ of lower sales.

The social safety nets we saw Trump trying to dismantle are merely a handful of loose threads at this point. I find myself donating to friends' GoFundMe campaigns to help pay their medical bills. I've gifted several people fruit baskets and pre-prepared meals so I know they're not skipping meals between now and payday. Last week, I sent money to help a friend make rent. Over the last several years, I've tried contributing to Kickstarters and other crowd-funding projects as much to provide support to the people behind them as to obtain the comics they're making.

I saw the recommendation recently to "be who you needed when you were younger." I've basically been trying to do that for the past ten years or so and that person is: someone who believes in you. I'm sure I often come across as pretty cynical a lot of the time and I am, but mainly when it comes to corporations and large groups. You, as an individual, are better than that, though. You, I believe in.

That might sound trite coming from a blog that's just generally directed to the internet as a whole. But my audience is small. These posts rarely get read by more than a few dozen people. If you're reading this, you're likely very much like me in mind and spirit, and that gives us a connection that I don't have with many people. So when I say I believe in you, that really is directed at you.

I know you're doing everything you can right now to stay safe and stay sane. You might be berating yourself for not doing that one thing, but know that it's okay. I say this with no hyperbole: survival itself these days is a big accomplishment. Anything you're able to do above and beyond that is just phenomenal! I want you to be the best you that you can be and, right now in 2022, being alive and healthy is more than sufficient. Many people can't claim that.

Like that NPR reporter, I'm not going to wish you a happy new year. I certainly hope it's the best year possible but, given the circumstances... well, just keep on keeping on. Do what you can, when you can, with what you have. That's all anybody can ask. Just stick around on this planet for another trip around the sun. I believe you can do it. You. Yes, you.
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