George Herriman: A Genius of the Comic Page circa 1917

By | Friday, December 10, 2021 Leave a Comment
This one is a little curious to me. It's an article from a 1917 issue of Cartoons Magazine in which Summerfield Baldwin tries to relay Herriman's brilliance to readers. "My sole purpose," he writes, "has been to bring him to the attention of thinking people as a phase of American art well worth thinking about..." As such, the article does not seem to be very well-researched, nor does Baldwin seem to have had any direct contact with Herriman himself. Which is fine, but the curious part are the apparently original Krazy and Ignatz drawings that were "Drawn for Cartoons Magazine" by Herriman himself. So someone at the magazine seems to have had some contact with him, but no one seems to have asked him even the most basic questions. ("There is a man named Herriman. All that I know of him is that he signs his name in curious letters to the most charming column of comics pictures...")

In any event, it's a charming, little piece by itself and is perhaps the earliest indication I've seen of someone elevating comics to the level of high art. The scans are courtesy of Animation Resources.

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