Bill Gaines circa 1991

By | Tuesday, November 30, 2021 2 comments
I've never seen complete footage of Bill Gaines' 1953 Senate testimony, just snippets in documentaries. But I did find that Gaines once appeared on Later with Bob Costas in 1991. The audio is decidedly out of sync and there's lot of VHS artifacting, but he starts talking about the Senate hearings at around the eleven minute mark. There's nothing new here -- I'm sure this has been viewed by everyone who's done any real research on MAD -- but it's still fascinating for those who haven't seen it to hear it directly from Gaines' own mouth.
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Billy Hogan said...

I used to love watching Bob Costas' show Later after getting home from work. It's my favorite thing he did beyond sports broadcasting.

I was surprised he made the transition from sports to a talk show that smoothly. Seems like such a different beast that it would be hard to switch back and forth. And not that he was bad at sports broadcasting, but I liked Later better -- mostly because I'm not a big sports fan to begin with. :)