Some of My Favorite Kirby Covers

By | Friday, August 27, 2021 3 comments
In honor of Jack Kirby's birthday tomorrow...
What kills me is that it's not like there were bad Kirby covers, just some that were more stellar than your a run-of-the-mill, just-plain-amazing Kirby cover. Not to mention that Kirby was a storyteller -- the covers for his books were, by and large, afterthoughts!

This is why Kirby is still the King!
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Matt K said...

Have any other artists had more of their cover designs homaged/swiped?

Not only have I seen "after Kirby" in the corner of a cover so many times, over the years, I have seen it for cover layouts way beyond the best-known handful.

To be fair, Kirby probably did more covers than just about anyone else to begin with! :)

That would make for an interesting study, though, to see how many of his covers were homaged/swiped. Both as a quantifiable number, and as a percentage of his overall body of work. I don't know of anybody with that kind of time on their hands to go through all that, though!

voiceofstl said...

Lots of the mid 70's marvel covers were no where near his 60's work. Many of the covers were done over Mari Severn layouts. Kirby going over someone elses layouts, say it an't so!!