Some of My Favorite Kirby Covers

By | Friday, August 27, 2021 2 comments
In honor of Jack Kirby's birthday tomorrow...
What kills me is that it's not like there were bad Kirby covers, just some that were more stellar than your a run-of-the-mill, just-plain-amazing Kirby cover. Not to mention that Kirby was a storyteller -- the covers for his books were, by and large, afterthoughts!

This is why Kirby is still the King!
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Matt K said...

Have any other artists had more of their cover designs homaged/swiped?

Not only have I seen "after Kirby" in the corner of a cover so many times, over the years, I have seen it for cover layouts way beyond the best-known handful.

To be fair, Kirby probably did more covers than just about anyone else to begin with! :)

That would make for an interesting study, though, to see how many of his covers were homaged/swiped. Both as a quantifiable number, and as a percentage of his overall body of work. I don't know of anybody with that kind of time on their hands to go through all that, though!