Duran Duran's Fightin' Army

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My wife highlighted to me the Duran Duran video for "Rio" from the archives, and caught this image in the middle of it... The comic he's reading is Charlton's Fightin' Army #157, cover dated April 1982. Cover art is by Sam Glanzman. The interior stories were reprints from Army War Heroes #33-34.

The song "Rio" was released as a single in November 1982; however, the music video was shot over the course of three days in May 1982 on the island of Antigua. Which means that that issue of Fightin' Army was probably the most current one available at the time.

The Wikipedia entry for "Rio" states: "It is one of the band's most recognizable songs, mostly due to its famous music video, which is widely regarded as symbolic of 1980s glamour and excess." That is, of course, despite the appearance of one of the last comic books from a publisher that would barely survive another few years. And then, only after an infusion of cash from when DC bought the rights to most of their superhero characters.

Another oblique comic connection... when the band first started getting together in Birmingham, England, there was a popular nightclub where bands like the Sex Pistols and the Clash performed. The club was named Barbarella's named after the 1968 film, itself based off Jean-Claude Forest's comic strip that ran in V Magazine from 1962-1964. The strip was translated in English and ran in Evergreen Review from 1965-1966, which is how it came to the attention of producer Dino De Laurentiis. The film's script went through several iterations and re-writes, eventually becoming only a very loose adaptation of the original comic. One of the new characters added for the film was Dr. Durand Durand, who acted as the movie's MacGuffin. Therefore since the nightclub the band frequented was named after the movie, the band adopted the name Duran Duran after how the character's named is pronounced.
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