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In what's becoming a semi-regular feature here, here are some of the online comics events in the coming weeks. As usual, please check the time zones noted below and adjust to your location as appropriate.
    Comic Book Creators Panel
  • March 7, 2:00pm ET
    Bookmans' Comic Book Creators Panel

    Celebrate Will Eisner Week the Bookmans way with a panel of 5 local comic book self-publishers! Talk with live, local comic book creators about putting your plans into a panel.
  • March 8, 6:30pm (CT?)
    Comic Book Legal & Business Essentials

    Join Comic Book Attorney Gamal Hennessy, author of The Business of Independent Comic Publishing, and Steenz Stewart, cartoonist and illustrator, for a lively discussion about their work and the most important legal and business issues surrounding indie comics.
  • March 8-11
    Spring 2021 Twitter Book Discussion

    This year’s text will be Qiana Whitted’s EC Comics: Race, Shock, & Social Protest published by Rutgers University Press as a part of the Comics Culture series and winner of the 2020 Eisner Award for Best Academic/Scholarly Work. The conversations will begin with questions crafted by members of the board of the Graduate Student Caucus, but we hope you will bring your own questions, insights, and ideas about the book as well! #GSCBookTalk #WhittedEC
  • March 11, 7:00pm ET
    "Learning to Engage" Comics: A Sequentials Special Forum

    Featuring researchers whose work is translated into comics, the illustrator of the comics, and the editor of Sequentials. They will discuss how the learning sciences can support and learn from social movement organizing, and how comics can connect learning sciences research to people’s day-to-day lives. They’ll discuss the process of converting academic work to comics, share process shots, and brainstorm ways to make academic work accessible to broader communities.
  • March 12, 4:00pm CST
    'The Silver Age of Comics: Rise of the Flawed Superhero' Webinar

    Join New York Adventure Club as they explore the Silver Age of comic books, a period between 1956-1970 that introduced hyper-realistic superheroes into real-world settings, blurring the lines between fact and fiction. Led by Arlen Schumer. Registration: $10 US.
  • March 15, 6:00pm ET
    Howard Chaykin - PARADIGM

    Chaykin walks participants through the PARADIGM, the perfect and archetypal visual to illustrate the hidden language, syntax, and vocabulary of comics and the comics page. Participants ALSO have the option of sending their layouts to Chaykin after the fact of a real professional critique! Registration: $30 US.
  • March 18, 8:00pm ET
    Mark Waid: Comic Writing

    Your purchase of this Talk gets you access to a limited, private 55-minute tutorial and Q&A session with Mark! This is a highly intensive, learning-focused session in which Mark will layout the ins-and-outs of plot structure, and creating riveting stories and memorable characters! Proceeds from this talk benefit Hero Initiative! Registration: $125 US.
  • March 22, 1:00pm ET
    Create Comics With Dav Pilkey

    Join author and illustrator Dav Pilkey and a team of teachers for a free event that will spark readers’ imagination! Together, kids from around the world will create their own comic inspired by Dog Man, Cat Kid Comic Club, and Captain Underpants!
  • March 22, 2:00pm ET
    Art+Feminism Special Guest: MariNaomi

    As a way to highlight underrepresented cartoonists, MariNaomi founded and maintains the Cartoonists of Color, Queer Cartoonists, and Disabled Cartoonists databases. These databases are used by booksellers, librarians, academics, editors, book publishers, event organizers, readers, and more. This event features a conversation between MariNaomi and Caitlin McGurk, Associate Curator and Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University's Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum.
  • March 25, 7:00pm ET
    Christopher Priest: The ENTIRE craft of comics

    This long-form, 90-minute session is thoroughly upfront and honest, not for the weak of heart, and includes plenty of time for YOUR Q-and-A. In this survey, Priest will walk you through his infamous “Edited By Owz” Creators Style Guide, a comprehensive Art of (Comic Books) War rant prized by Marvel and banned by DC! This overview covers all of the major aspects of The Mission of being a working professional in the comics industry and is open to artists as well as writers and editors. Registration: $30 US.
  • March 26, noon CST
    'Jews & Comics' Webinar

    Join the New York Adventure Club as they explore the specific Jewish creations of the American superhero and its antecedents in older, ancient myths — from Ben Grimm to the Golem — as well as the significant contributions Jews have made to the medium of comic book art itself. Led by Arlen Schumer. Registration: $10 US.
  • March 27, 6:00pm CDT
    Heroes of Health Comic Con

    An online Comic Con like event for Munster Technological University students who are interested in all things nerdy. Cosplay, anime, video-games, you name it, they have it. All profits from this event will be going to Mercy Heroes as at this time we felt it is very important to offer support to those most vulnerable during this global pandemic. From workshops on cosplay and character development; to guest speakers on how they broke into the in industry, about their careers, and so much more. Registration: €2.98
  • March 30, noon CST
    'Christ in Comics: Christology's Influence on Superhero Mythos' Webinar

    Join the New York Adventure Club as we explore how superheroes in American comic book history have always reflected Christological aspects of heroism and self-sacrifice, whether overtly or unconsciously. Led by Arlen Schumer. Registration: $10 US.
  • April 5, 6:00pm CST
    'The Origins of Pop Art: The Most Modern Art’ Webinar

    Join the New York Adventure Club as they explore the verbal and visual history of Pop Art, and analyze the foundational works and artists — like Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Mel Ramos — that have come to define the modern art style. Led by Arlen Schumer. Registration: $10 US.
  • April 24-25, May 1-2
    DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE ON A DEADLINE: Comics and Graphic Novels Editing Workshop

    Enroll in this workshop to learn comics editing, an important aspect of making comics that is often considered a mystery. Whether you’re working for a publishing company or creating your own comics, editing is a major part of the creative and business process. Learn from legendary editor Danny Fingeroth’s decades of experience and success—and his stumbles, too—how to be the best possible editor you can be in a wide variety of situations. Experience editing decisions and conflicts through in-class and at-home editing challenges. You’ll look at classic published stories, raw scripts, problematic art, where you’ll have the chance to see what you would have done with it—and what ended up in the printed comics! Registration: $699.99 US.
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