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Instagram Live promo Kleefeld interviewed live on Cuckoo's Nest Pres
End of the week, and I'm about out of steam, so let's throw together a quick links post!
  • Tonight at 7:30 pm EST, Webtoons is hosting an Instagram Live session to talk about developing comics on their Canvas platform. I've seen some creators recently question how exactly it works -- and I'm pretty curious myself -- so it might be enlightening to sit in even if you don't have immediate intentions on trying to get on Webtoons.
  • Tomorrow afternoon at 3pm ET, I will be interviewed live by Mark Allard-Will of Cuckoo's Nest Press. We'll be talking about my work here and on my recent Webcomics book.
  • Josh Adams and Anthony Del Col put together a biographic comic for Insider, covering how/why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle chose to distance themselves from the Royal Family. I don't tend to follow that type of news much, but I found it a very insightful and fascinating piece.
  • The Hollywood Reporter has a good interview with John Ridely about his upcoming The Other History of the DC Universe which looks at DC's history within the context of characters from traiditionally disenfranchised groups. People like Black Lightning, The Question, Katana, and Thunder.
  • The Jack Kirby Museum has been hosting a series of "Fourth World Summer" sessions looking at Kirby's work on that saga. Yesterday, they hosted their fifth episode, looking in particular at Happyland and Barda!
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