August 1972 in Comics

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"What happened in August 1972," you ask? How about this...
  • DC released their big, honkin' Justice League of America #100Justice League of America #100
  • Marvel kicked off two new titles: Defenders and Warlock...
    Defenders #1 Warlock #1
  • Archie's new series: Archie at Riverdale High...Archie at Riverdale High #1
  • The fourth comic convention in San Diego, later to become known as Comic Con International, took place. It was the first time to be held at El Cortez Hotel, which was the show's primary location for the rest of the 1970s. Bob Clampett, Harry Harrison, Jack Kirby, Mel Lazarus and Roy Thomas were guests.
  • John Barrett, Bud Plant and Robert Beerbohm opened the first Comics & Comix, about a week after the convention. Though it was not the first comic book shop to open, it helped paved the way for a number of other shops and shop owners, notably Beerbohm and Plant who are both still active today.
  • Yours truly was born. (My birthday was last week, FYI.)Sean Kleefeld, age 6
  • Snoopy, Come Home was released in theaters. It featured the first appearances of Woodstock and Franklin onscreen.
  • Ben Affleck -- who later went on to play Daredevil, Batman and George-Reeves-playing-Superman -- was born.
    Ben Affleck as Batman
  • Fantastic Four #125 was released. This was the last issue of the title where Stan Lee is credited as the writer until #296, the 25th anniversary issue.
    Fantastic Four #125
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