The Wizard of Op

By | Wednesday, July 15, 2020 3 comments
I grew up with Ed Emberley books where he taught kids how to draw using simple shapes and lines. The instructional steps could be considered comics, but they were all relatively short. To my knowledge, even the most complex ones were no more than a single page. What I only learned of recently, though, was that Emberley actually wrote a bona fide graphic novel in 1975! It features his familiar style of art, but with panels and word balloons and all the aesthetics that you would normally associate with a graphic novel. Plus, it's got some trippy optical illusions! I have no idea how my dad missed this back in the day!

Anyway, here's The Wizard of Op (now long out of print)...

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Matt K said...

1) Those Emberly books might be among five things from my childhood that I, as an adult thinking back, would least want to give up

2) Damn this is some madness

I can picture myself as a six year old just getting absolutely entranced with this book. Like, just holding open a spread and moving the book closer and further away from my face repeatedly to try to process it.

Unknown said...

I'm so sad that this treasure is out of print! I wish I had a paper copy to show my kids what I grew up with, but it's $100 and up to purchase. Thanks for sharing this fantastic adventure in art! Cheers!