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I'm running late right now, so I'm just going to share a few links today...
  1. First, Michael Dean over at The Comics Journal posted an incredible piece about misconduct at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. What makes it incredible is the depth of the problems he uncovers. What we heard last week about Brownstein that led to his resignation is only the tip of the iceberg! This is very damning for pretty much EVERYONE at the CBLDF!
  2. I was recently interviewed about my book on Webcomics over at FreakSugar! Jed had some great questions, and I think the piece gives some insight into how the book itself reads!
  3. Like just about every comics convention and festival this year, the Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) cancelled its original in-person venue. However, founder Bob Corby just posted a schedule of programming for an online SPACE show over the same weekend. It includes a lot of the same types of presentations as the in-person show normally would, and it looks as if there will be retail component as well! If I'm reading into this right, it looks like many of the local small press comics folks in/around the Columbus area will be able to sell their books through a special Laughing Ogre "table." More details to come, I'm sure!
  4. What if one of Dr. Doom's famous Doombots broke ranks and set out to carve its own place in the universe? What if that place turned out to be a gas station in rural Illinois? Matt Geuther decided to depict how he thought that might happen in a short fan film called "Doombo."
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