The Years Start Coming & They Don't Stop Coming

By | Tuesday, April 07, 2020 1 comment
Back in 2017. Shen Comix created this comic in a response to how awful the previous couple years had been...
The Future Is So Bright comic
The following year, various people made updated versions. I can't find who did this modification, but the most widely circulated variation (I believe) was this one...
The Future Is So Bright comic 2018 update
I think this one was most successful because it followed the same format of the original. Even going so far as to literally duplicate the 2017 figure, and making adjustments based on that.

As with any meme, it slipped out of circulation. But when Mags Visaggio asked if it had been updated recently, Naomi Rubin replied with a new last panel...
The Future Is So Bright comic 2020 update part 2
The Future Is So Bright comic 2020 update part 2
When asked what happened to 2019, Rubin responded, "Yep, anyway at this point 2018 was too scared to turn around for a year or so."

Of course, now I'm terrified to see what turns up next year.
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Matt K said...

This. So much this.