Comics: Right Now Redux

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Tweaked somewhat from my original 2010 post, itself borrowed from Van Halen...

Right now, someone is picking up a comic for the very first time.
And someone else is putting one down for the last time in their life.
Right now, a child is excitedly using their undeveloped abilities to create their own comic.
While a professional comic creator is procrastinating when they know they should be getting back to work.
Right now, someone is reading a comic instead of doing their job.
Right now, someone has just come across a brilliant idea in a comic they'd never heard of before.
Right now, someone is upset because they just read a comic that challenged his beliefs.

Hagar the HorribleRight now, a comic creator has just finished what will be seen as their greatest work, but
Windsor McCay
Will Eisner
Walt Kelly
Jack Kirby
Dik Browne
And Charles Schulz
Will never create another comic.
Though someone has just discovered their work.

Right now, only some of you caught my visual pun.

Right now, comics are being created that won't be seen by anyone but their creators for another several months.
Right now, comics are being created that won't be seen by anyone but their creators.
Right now, comics are being published using languages you'll never learn.
Right now, comics are being published utilizing nothing but illustrations.
You will never have enough time to read them all.
Right now, more comics exist than ever before.
You will never even be aware of most of them.

Right now, someone just had an inspired idea for a comic they'll never have the chance to make.
Right now, someone was just inspired by a comic to create something wholly unrelated to comics.
Right now, someone is working to preserve the comics in their collection.
While someone else is trying to color within the lines.

Right now, someone is dreaming about comics.
Right now, you're thinking about them.
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