Comics Shopping During the Pandemic

By | Friday, March 13, 2020 Leave a Comment
James Sime at the Isotope Lounge
As you may or may not know, comics retailers tend to run their shops pretty lean. That is, they don't generally have a lot of wiggle room in their budgets. The outbreak like we're experiencing now -- and the fact that many people are self-quarantining -- will keep enough of their regular customers away from their stores for a time, which can put a huge dent into their income. This means that it's possible some shops might not get enough income to pay their rent (or their electricity or their employees or...) this month. If the pandemic lasts long enough, this could drive some shops out of business!

Is that worth your potential safety from the coronavirus? Maybe, maybe not. But either way, James Sime of the Isotope Lounge has come up with a great solution! He made a simple and straight-forward post on Facebook yesterday that reads...
Friends, if you or your loved ones have compromised or suppressed immunities and are limiting your people-exposure right now but still want to pick up some comics, please contact us about coming in when the store is closed. Private times are available six days a week. And curb side pick-up so you don’t have to leave your car is always available any time. Let’s all continue to stay safe & stay sane together. ❤️
I don't know if your local comic shop has offered something similar, but if you -- as a comic reading customer -- want to make sure your shop keeps their income stream going but are concerned about COVID-19, call and ask them if they'll do something similar. Maybe it's something they already do, and you just didn't hear about it. Maybe it's an idea they haven't thought of yet. I'm sure Sime would be happy to field questions from them if they don't know how to implement it. But I expect a lot of shop owners are justifiably concerned right now, and would be willing to do a little extra work to make sure you get your regular comics fix... and they don't lose much of their income stream!
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