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I caught this video yesterday of Minori decorating her bedroom wall by painting some Sailor Moon comics on it.
I was shocked/stunned/amazed that she did all of the linework with markers, and more shocked/stunned/amazed that she free-handed the whole thing! She did a great job, but I couldn't help but think, "Why are you making it so hard on yourself!?!"

Goofy enlargement using a grid
An old school method of re-drawing images at a much larger scale involves creating a simple grid. By placing a grid of squares over the original image, and then utilizing a larger square grid on your final surface, you can use the grid structure to help ensure your lines are proportioned accurately. In the Goofy example I have at the right, you can see Goofy's left ear butts just up against the right-most vertical line, so if you ensure that it does the same on your drawing, that aspect will be reasonably accurate. In essence, you're focused on a series of smaller drawings instead of one larger one, and you're less likely to lose your sense of scale and perspective when you're working on a larger canvas. This is an old and fairly simple method, and it doesn't cost any more to implement.

Dog enlargement via image projection
Another, more accurate, possibility is simply renting a projector, projecting the image onto the wall, and literally tracing it. While this does require obtaining a projector, many libraries do have them available to borrow. This also has the added benefit of seeing/manipulating the size and position of the final image using the projector before committing any actual marks on your wall. One downside, though, is that the projector needs to remain completely motionless while you're working; a slight movement could shift (and distort) the whole image.

Minori's method certainly works, and I love her use of the screen tone appliques, but issues like the size of Sailor Moon's bun that she notes was a bit off from one panel to the next would be alleviated by using either of the above methods.

Of course, depending on what comics you're most interested in, there may be even easier methods available!
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