Eisner with a Side of LeBlanc

By | Tuesday, February 25, 2020 Leave a Comment
Ken Quattro, if you're unfamiliar with him, is the comics detective. I mean, THE comics detective. He's done some really impressive and powerful research into arcane corners of comics history, and regularly blows me away the level of detail he's able to get into. Last year, he did a presentation about Will Eisner at the Saline District Library near Ann Arbor, MI. Now, of course I've long been familiar with Eisner's work and a bit about the man himself; but Quattro's decidedly more expert there and I'd been meaning to watch the video for a while now.

Quattro does a fantastic job covering Eisner's life here. It's partially fascinating because Quattro focuses almost exclusively on Eisner himself, and barely gets into his art -- which is exceptionally rare when you see/hear people talking about Eisner. But it's also fascinating because of the level of detail he gets into; he drops lots of info that I'd never heard before! Including a bit of a tangent during the Q&A on one of Eisner's contemporaries, André LeBlanc, who I was almost wholly ignorant of!

I noticed that the video, as of this writing, has only 32 views so I wanted to share it here so that it gets some more traction. With Will Eisner Week starting on Sunday, everyone could stand going into the week armed ih more information about the man (as I said, Quattro is an expert; I can all but guarantee he knows more than you, so you'll almost certainly learn something new here) but Quattro himself is deserving of more attention. Particularly since he has a new book about Golden Age Black comic artists coming out later this year! Watch the video, then go pre-order Quattro's book!
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