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As of today, I'm going to be putting this blog on hiatus for a while. I've been running it since 2006(!) and I've been doing regular, consistent updates since 2013 so I've been hesitant to pause things here, but I'm running against a workload issue. I don't think I've mentioned this recently here, if at all, but in 2017, I secured a contract with a significant publisher to write a book about webcomics. I'm really jazzed about the opportunity, but I simply have not been able to put in the time that I think I should so far. My deadline is still far enough out that I'm not concerned about it yet, but I also don't want to push my luck by throwing some hack crap together at the last minute.

Back in 2009, I did manage to write Comic Book Fanthropology and keep my blog going. However, I've since added any number of things -- both personal and professional -- on my plate which do take up a significant amount of the time that I had originally used to write that. I've looked at everything I've got going on and, unfortunately, this is what's got to give.

While I do spend the next however long working on this book about webcomics, I'll still be doing my other various comics related gigs. I'm still doing my Fanthropology and Webcomics columns over at FreakSugar. I'm still doing the webcomics podcast over at Comics Alternative. I'm still doing my Incidental Iconography column for The Jack Kirby Collector. I'm still running my old MTV Geek columns over at my Patreon. It's just the Kleefeld on Comics blog that's being put on hiatus. And even then, since I'm still doing that other stuff, I'll continue posting my Weekly Recaps if you want a single location to link to all that.

At this point, I don't know how long this hiatus will last, but I'll definitely post an announcement of some kind whenever I have a better idea of when things will ramp up again. In the meantime, thanks for reading for as long or as short as you have, and be sure to hit my up on social media if you have some burning desire to get my opinion on whatever the latest comics news is.
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Matt K said...

Good luck with the book! Very exciting.