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Normally, I use this space every week to link to some interesting/different/cool stuff about comics that your "regular" comics news sites have missed. Today, though, I am linking to just one page: the Federal Communication Commission's Contact Us page.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has put out a proposal that runs contrary to the opinions of the vast majority of... well, everybody and is phenomenally bad. The proposal is deceptively titled "Restoring Internet Freedom". If you read through it, you will see that it in fact does the exact opposite of what the title claims, and severely curtails the open internet we currently have today. Not only does it not help consumers, it actively harms them, removing many of the protections from large corporations that are already in place. There is nothing in Chairman Pai's proposal that helps anyone except internet service providers like Verizon, for whom he worked until recently, and Pai's justifications are based on patently false claims.

This proposal is an absolutely travesty that serves no purpose but to line the corporate pockets of service providers. The vast majority of the tens of millions of formal public comments have been against the bill, and those that were for it seem to be largely fraudulent, as determined by New York Attorney General Eric Schneider, who Pai has been actively stonewalling throughout his investigation.

So I urge you to contact the FCC directly and let them know that Pai's proposal would be disastrous, and that everyone there should do whatever they can to shut it down. Pai is acting on behalf of service providers, actively working against you and me, the internet-using (and webcomic reading!) public. This needs to be stopped, and stopped quickly.

The Federal Communication Commission's Contact Us Page
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