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One of the things I like to give as gifts, when I can afford it, is original art. I think it makes for a unique and clearly thoughtful gift in the first place, and directly supports the creative individuals actually doing the art. There are two challenges to that, though.

First, there can sometimes be the physical transportation of the art. Particularly if you have to mail it. Of course, many artists are happy to ship the art directly to the recipient, but then it's difficult if you want to add a card or a personal note or something. This is admittedly a minor "problem" -- more of an inconvenience, really -- but still something that needs to be considered.

Second, there's the issue of what to get art of. Would they prefer a cartoon of themselves, just something cool and imaginative, a portrait of their favorite character..? And if it's a character or something specific, who is that? They might have lots of Superman memorabilia lying around, but maybe they really like Flaming Carrot a lot more and just don't have as much stuff because there hasn't been as much made.

But I caught than Daniel Govar has a clever (I think) solution: gift certificates! Here's what he posted on Facebook recently...
I've been finishing a handful of existing commissions and wrapping up projects, but wanted to open up commission requests for the holiday as well as offer gift commissions (pictured).

These cards come mailed and may be given to loved ones for future commissions. #giftofart #art #commission I have a number of these at 9x12 and 12x16 sizes.

I'll be adding some more daily sketches here over the next couple of weeks.

My online store: http://danielgovar.bigcartel.com
Govar's got a few stipulations, of course -- you can't use one of these to get him to draw everyone who was ever a member of the Justice League for example! -- but he's got those clearly spelled out on the certificate itself. And his use of a serial number/code to identify who has purchased what also means that the recipient just has to contact him, and doesn't have to mail back the certificate or somehow prove they've physically got one of these.

It's a really ingenious idea, and one I should think any artist who's open to taking commissions should consider!
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