On Strips: Happy 5000, Frank!

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In case you haven't been counting, today's installment of Frank Page's Bob the Squirrel marks its 5000th comic strip. Five-frickin-thousand! That's just hella impressive!

And how about this: that whole time, he's held a regular day job. The comic strips -- all 5,000 of them -- have been done in his spare time. Most of them, I believe, at some unholy hour in the morning before he heads off to work. I could almost see regularly getting up at 3:00 AM as doable, but to be up that early AND doing all that cross-hatching? No way, man! Certainly not 5,000 times!

I like Frank. He's a great guy and his wife is lucky woman! But as Frank's friend, I can tell you one of his faults: he doesn't promote himself very well. He probably could make a living off Bob if he wanted, but he's content to let it be his side gig. I've had this conversation with him I-don't-know-how-many times, and he never listens to me, so I gave up pestering him about it.

But I can still pester you. Go celebrate 5,000 Bob strips by buying one of Frank's books. Click here to see them. All the 2016 books are 15% off, and all the 2015 ones are 20% off! Buy an original page of art from his site; they're ridcuously under-priced! Support him on Patreon! Let him know you dig Bob!

Also, if you're in the vague area of Rome, NY, stop by Artistree Studios & Gallery. Frank is having a show there, which opens tonight, celebrating those 5,000 strips. He's literally lining the walls with them! All 5,000 strips. I can't imagine there will be any blank wall space available in the building. I was really hoping to make it out there myself, but I'm afraid I won't be able to do it. (Frank, I'm still going to come out if/when you get your butt in gear to run a marathon, though!)

Anyway, I wanted to take some time today to say, "Happy 5000, Frank!" I've told you what your work has done for me, and I continue to enjoy Bob's sarcasm and wit, which I expect to be in full force as the kid starts going through college brochures any time now!
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